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Who We Are

Tuzzle is a new corporate vehicle made up of the leading experts in human development using Capability to Handle Complexity and levels of complexity in work.


We have developed a proprietary assessment methodology that makes the power of this Human Capital Technology available to you.

The Heritage of the CHC Technology

Capability to Handle Complexity (CHC) assessments rest on 70 years of international research and the practical implementation of ‘Levels of Work’ in organization design and talent development. It has been described variously as Requisite Organization (RO), Stratified Systems Theory (SST), and Career Path Appreciation (CPA) and is informed by some of the groundbreaking research of Elliot Jaques.

Some Applications Include:


The US Army takes this seriously. They needed to ensure they were staffed for success, and predict who had the potential to be future generals so they could target developmental efforts. The US Army was instrumental in some of the research into levels of complexity in work, which is part of the origin of CHC as a tool.

The Army:

  • Assessed Colonels to identify those with the potential to be General Officers.

  • Used understanding of levels of work to support developing General Officers and strategic civilian officials.

  • Validated the existence of differences in the levels of complexity inherent to roles, and differences in capability to manage different levels of complexity.

Levels of Work provided a framework for structuring the organization of the US Military. For example the US Medical Department reorganized around these principles and saw a 30% gain in productive effectiveness.

Public Sector

Organization-wide projects to reorganize Ontario Hydro and Washington State’s Chelan County Public Utilities District were implemented using the Levels of Work structure. ​

Continuing management development coaching programs were implemented using the Levels of Work framework in Ontario Power Generation.

Private Sector

The world’s most prestigious hedge fund used this to screen candidates for every managerial and professional role in the organization to ensure a good fit.

Industrial companies in appliances, construction and engineering, pulp and paper, mining, and waste management, railways, oil and gas, automotive, health products, used levels of work for organization design, talent management and succession planning.

Several Canadian chartered banks in organization design, talent management and succession planning.

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