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Strategic HR Study

Are you an HR or 

People Ops Executive?

We are conducting a study of how leading HR professionals see their work strategically. Our intention is to explore how HR is done at a strategic level, and how that brings value to a company. 


By being a part of this study you will help move HR and it's perception as a strategic function forward. 


You will also get a free Capability to Handle Complexity (CHC) assessment.

Participating in the study entails:

  1. A 30-45 minute CHC interview-assessment. 

  2. (Optional) Debrief and report about your CHC results

  3. A 60 minute conversation about how you approach your HR work

All scheduled at your convenience.


We will use this as input to produce a paper about the strategic value of HR when it is done at a high level of CHC.

Apply to Participate

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch.

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