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How Tuzzle Helps:

Develop your people

We can help you develop your people vertically, so they can take on bigger, more complex work. 

People develop through distinct stages of Capability to Handle Complexity (CHC) throughout their lives. Developing a person's CHC directly impacts a person's performance and the size of work they can take on. 

We measure the stage of CHC a person has reached, their likely developmental timeline and the complexity inherent in their work.


This allows us to tailor developmental support to each individual so they can manifest their full potential.

If a person is overstretched in their role we can help them develop and set up the conditions for them to be successful. 


If we find someone underchallenged in their role we can help you keep them engaged so they do not leave the company to express their full capability.

Tuzzle's Developmental Services


CHC Assessment
Our proprietary interview-assessment establishes a baseline of a person's Capability to Handle Complexity. 


CHC Coaching
We help people fully leverage their CHC and accelerate their developmental transitions.


Calibrate the Challange
We measure the complexity of work a person is assigned and help you calibrate the work for optimal development and performance.


Organizational Development
We can help your organization internalize Capability to Handle Complexity and Levels of Work so that the optimal conditions for development are baked in.

Develop people
safe guard

Plan For Succession

 (Without Bias!)

We can measure a person’s future potential to succeed at senior leadership positions independent of gender, race, education, domains of knowledge, experience, age and so on.

Succession Planning:


CHC is uniquely suited to provide insights for succession planning because we measure both the person’s current stage of Capability to Handle Complexity, as well as their growth trajectory. 


We are able to identify who the likely candidates are to contend for different levels of senior leadership positions in the future and what the estimated timing of their readiness for each level of senior leadership will be. 


We give you a much more concrete grasp of your leadership pipeline so that you can be sure that you have leaders familiar with your business ready to take on greater responsibilities as your business expands and your current leaders turn over.


Armed with this information you can also make more informed decisions around talent development. Targeting different levels of spending to high leverage candidates and tailoring the support to each individual's needs in the context of their growth trajectory.


We have found that the process can spark conversations with your talent that helps them understand long-term opportunities for advancement at your company, which helps with retention. 

CHC can provide a framework for clear career advancement in technical roles, like software development. 


Without Bias!:


Our assessment can help safeguard against bias. 


CHC is core to how every human being interacts with its environment and can therefore be measured across differences in gender, race, education, domains of knowledge, experience and so on. 


Our experience is that CHC can reveal potential that might be overlooked because the person does not fit the ‘like me’ confirmation bias filter. 


Using CHC as a data point for succession planning helps you give everyone a fair look, and spend development dollars more equitably across high leverage candidates.  


CHC should not be the only data point to combat bias, but it is a powerful, concrete part of the toolkit.

hire right candidate

Hire & Promote The Right Candidate

We can ensure that your managerial and executive candidates are a good fit for the size of the role.

If you make the wrong decision it can cost you $30,000, or more than $100,000 for key executive hires. That’s just direct monetary cost, not including missed opportunities and costly disruption. 


Many of these hiring mistakes are because the person is not capable of handling the complexity of their role. We can ensure that you avoid this mistake, and get it right the first time.


By assessing candidates Capability to Handle Complexity (CHC) we can determine if they are a good fit for the size of the role. We replace crude extrinsic proxies for estimating this capability, such as previous role title, with a direct measurement.


If you keep hiring the same way you are today, you will too often misalign people to the size of their work. When people are put into a role where they are overstretched, they will fail over time. Stop throwing money out the window.

We can assess your short list to help you make the best choice or do a final check on your top candidate.


We can also debrief the individual who is hired about their CHC results, so they have a better understanding of their work and can hit the ground running.

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